Avoid just going home and wasting your evening in bed

The clocks have gone back and the dark nights are now upon us Wintertime is a big ball of fun when it comes to celebrating the holidays, going on vacation and setting your intentions for the new year. But, once all the December excitement dies down, the rest of the season can be a realContinue reading “Avoid just going home and wasting your evening in bed”

Busy Bee lifestyles?

It wasn’t too long ago that keeping up with the Joneses was all about things — the big house, sports car, and designer clothing. I personally lived through extreme busyness and long work hours at my last job. While I tried to diagnose the reason behind the busyness in real-time, I don’t think I everContinue reading “Busy Bee lifestyles?”

Caught on CCTV!

WHAT ON EARTH IS HE DOING!!??? CCTV not only secures and helps you watch over your property, it allows you to see what happens when others think they are not being watched! You’ve probably seen most of the hilarious videos on YouTube that went crazy viral, from Charlie Bit my Finger to David after Dentist.Continue reading “Caught on CCTV!”

Its the Weekend and all I want is to Stay at Home!

Gone are the days where the weekend comes and I am ready to PARTY!! Nowadays its all about having a takeaway and some nice drinks and my box sets! People are annoying anyways! I enjoy my ME time! Reasons Staying In Will Always Be More Fun Than Going Out The unfortunate reality of going outContinue reading “Its the Weekend and all I want is to Stay at Home!”

Can’t Live Without Netflix?!

Is there a Psychological Reason behind this? I wish I could honestly say there haven’t been days the responsibilities kept piling on with a terrifying amount of work to complete, but I ended up just watching Netflix until I fell asleep. As time went on I realized more and more that I was turning toContinue reading “Can’t Live Without Netflix?!”

Wheelie Getting on My NERVES!!

Neighbours are using MY wheelie bin Bin day tomorrow, and I just seen a neighbour (few doors down – don’t know them) putting his bag of rubbish into my bin. Not just putting it in…. he took mine out… to put back on top of his so I wouldn’t see it if I looked in.Continue reading “Wheelie Getting on My NERVES!!”

I Swore I locked My CAR!!

You wake up and find your vehicle has been rummaged through or even worse it has been taken!! WE ADVISE THAT YOU PURCHASE A FARADAY POUCH AND IN THE MEANTIME USE A TIN AND PLACE YOUR KEYS IN THERE AT NIGHT! Did I lock it?? – You start doubting yourself Six ways thieves can breakContinue reading “I Swore I locked My CAR!!”

We have been Burgled, What do We do Next?

Incredible emotional stress and distress is felt and knowing that someone has been in your home, leaves you feeling vulnerable and the knock on effect this has on your families is lasting.Being the victim of a burglary is something everyone fears. SECURITY SYSTEM – Make sure your system is reputable and can deter even theContinue reading “We have been Burgled, What do We do Next?”

Would you turn Vigilante to Protect your Homes and Loved Ones??

When there’s a spate of crime in an area, it’s easy to think you should roll your sleeves up and get things done yourself. However, whilst your intentions may be good, and your defense is helping the community, being a vigilante can be a murky world legally. So, is being a vigilante illegal? Technically, no.Continue reading “Would you turn Vigilante to Protect your Homes and Loved Ones??”

Are we Seeing a Rise in Cruelty to Animals?

Waking up and reading so many VERY disturbing posts on Facebook and on the news regarding acts of cruelty on defenseless animals and pets. From poor hedgehogs being kicked and water poured over them and having to be put down – to swan eggs being stamped on in their nest! Pointless acts of cruelty CatsContinue reading “Are we Seeing a Rise in Cruelty to Animals?”

Nosey Neighbours?

Curtain Twitchers I have noisy neighbours, but its just a quick hello if were out on the front, When we moved into the house our garden is higher at the back meaning you can see over the fence but outside the patio is dropped so they’re lower, the way the wall and fence was weContinue reading “Nosey Neighbours?”