Burglaries ‘spike by one third after clocks go back’, figures claim

Autumn / Winter Burglary Advice 2019 Burglaries spike by more than a third during daylight savings time, insurance claim figures suggest. Unfortunately darker nights lead to more burglaries so as the nights draw in we’re urging people be really vigilant when it comes to their personal safety, as well as the safety of their home.Continue reading “Burglaries ‘spike by one third after clocks go back’, figures claim”

Nosey Neighbours?

Curtain Twitchers I have noisy neighbours, but its just a quick hello if were out on the front, When we moved into the house our garden is higher at the back meaning you can see over the fence but outside the patio is dropped so they’re lower, the way the wall and fence was weContinue reading “Nosey Neighbours?”