I Swore I locked My CAR!!

You wake up and find your vehicle has been rummaged through or even worse it has been taken!! WE ADVISE THAT YOU PURCHASE A FARADAY POUCH AND IN THE MEANTIME USE A TIN AND PLACE YOUR KEYS IN THERE AT NIGHT! Did I lock it?? – You start doubting yourself Six ways thieves can breakContinue reading “I Swore I locked My CAR!!”

Are we Seeing a Rise in Cruelty to Animals?

Waking up and reading so many VERY disturbing posts on Facebook and on the news regarding acts of cruelty on defenseless animals and pets. From poor hedgehogs being kicked and water poured over them and having to be put down – to swan eggs being stamped on in their nest! Pointless acts of cruelty CatsContinue reading “Are we Seeing a Rise in Cruelty to Animals?”