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We offer service plans for Customers who want to be booked in a couple of times a year.

Help prolong the lifespan of your CCTV Systems. Your system has a heart that needs checking on and making sure that its suitable for the coming seasons.


To prolong the lifespan of your Systems we advise a Service is completed at least ONCE a year otherwise parts may fail. During warranty period a service is essential as this would avoid any issues arising that could cause systems to fail.

You may need an upgrade or your System is playing up and will need looking at. It is important that CCTV is regularly checked to make sure there is NO issue with recording especially when that important footage is needed.

Raaj will Service your Systems and let you know if there are any advisories before rectifying anything.

PLEASE NOTE: The service of your systems are not only for Raaj CCTV customers. We can service any systems if you find your installer has gone AWOL and wont reply or too busy!

We offer service packages and can check your systems working fine and ready for winter.

Spider webs are a nuisance, they shine and blind the camera

Don’t be caught out with no footage when its needed the most.

Raaj CCTV offer a Professional Service

It’s important to install the best possible system on your property, but it’s also vital that you keep it working at optimum levels. One of the big aspects of doing this is a complete regular CCTV maintenance.


An essential piece of equipment to help prevent damage to your DVR is Surge Protectors: The main function of a surge protector is to protect the DVR from a power surge. A power surge (or transient voltage) is an increase in voltage Anti- surge adaptors can be purchased from us our any local store, these are important especially in areas that are prone to electrical cuts and surges. We have had to remedy many cables and DVRs due to cheap adaptors being used. This will void your system warranty if normal adaptors are used and their is a fault found.

Regular CCTV servicing is vital to keep your CCTV system in working order and make sure recordings are working at regular intervals. Raaj CCTV services all types of domestic and commercial CCTV system across Yorkshire.

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  • Smart Living Wire-less Alarm Maintenance
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