Business CCTV

Secure your Business with 24/7 Recorded Footage

  • Useful footage on any Robbery, burglary and intruders
  • Prevention against vandalism to your premises
  • Protecting employees from any incidents at work and false claims
  • Safety of staff from members of the public
  • Camera over the till area
  • Prevention against vandalism.

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CCTV For Small Businesses – 24 Hour Monitoring & Security on site

CCTV For Small Businesses

Raaj CCTV Working with the leading CCTV Professionals
We work with all the leading CCTV manufacturers and supply brands such as Prolux, Hi watch Hikvision, Dahua and many more.

Don’t worry! Allow us to help you decide, we offer packages to suit your needs and budget. If you are wanting a higher spec or a bespoke package with different cameras we can provide that too. Dependent on your property the cameras will be either Domes, Bullets or PTZ.

Options from 1080P camera quality and higher specs will only be recommended. So there will be no ghosting and when footage is important at night you will have great quality. (lighting assists) Hard drive is where your footage is being recorded and depending if you go on holiday a lot, you may need more memory.

Remotely View your CCTV system from anywhere in the world


Package A: Two cameras with cabling standard length and DVR with 500MB

Package B: Four cameras with cabling standard length and DVR with 1TB

Package C: Eight cameras with cabling standard length and DVR with minimum 2TB


Security Warning Speakers

PIR Sensor Activated Intruder Audio Alarm Alert System


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A Loud Speaker Unit

A loudspeaker unit that will play back messages when it receives an alarm input.


WELCOME:  Use the VoiceOff to promote your business, sound promotional messages when a customer enters an area of the store. “Welcome to Groves Garden Centre…”

INFORM:  Use with a PIR at a construction site to inform staff about risks in the area where health & safety is paramount. “hard hats must be worn in this area.”

DETER:  Use with a PIR to trigger a pre-recorded sound file of a police siren to scare off intruders. Great in areas that are prone to vandalism.

WARN:  Use with a PIR or break beam to trigger a warning message when an intruder is detected. You may record your own messages! “Warning, intruder detected…”

MUSIC: Alternatively you could use it as a media player for music for indoor or outdoor use. All sound files are stored on an removable SD card.

  • Up to 10 alarm inputs
  • Powerful 10W output
  • Sounds stored on SD card
  • Download sounds or record your own
  • Automatically triggered by alarm inputs
  • Use as a talk-back amp with DVRs
  • Talk live with a microphone
  • Stores 9999 pre-recorded sounds
  • MP3 compatible


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However, with the help of CCTV camera systems, business owners will have the opportunity to catch these individuals.

The number one security issue most businesses have is theft. Be it from shoplifters or employees, theft can cause businesses substantial financial loss.


Criminal damage is a major issue depending where your business is situated.
The correct placement of an outdoor/external CCTV camera on your premises will hopefully reduce vandalism and damage to your property.

CCTV monitoring systems can protect your employees in many different ways.

CCTV security system at work can secure your workers against physical violence from customers.

CCTV cameras can also protect your employees against false claims from colleagues and customers.


Maybe you need an upgrade or your system is playing up and needs looking at, we can help you with that too.

We offer service packages and can check your systems working fine and ready for winter. Don’t be caught out with poor footage when its needed the most- dark nights are here!

Contact now and be booked in before the weather causes your system to fail you when its needed the most!

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Systems to suit both your needs and pocket!

HIKVISION – Worlds leading supplier of surveillance solutions

Featuring the industry’s strongest R&D workforce, Hikvision uses its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to design and develop innovative CCTV and video surveillance products for any security need.

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Protecting your family and home is your highest priority and that’s why we take our home security solutions seriously. Our range of EN Grade 2 wireless systems provide superior security with integral features that allow you to control your home from anywhere in the world using the Home Control+ app.

Maintenance of Systems

Maybe you need an upgrade or your system is playing up and needs looking at, we can help you with that too.

We offer service packages and can check your systems working fine and ready for winter. Don’t be caught out with poor footage when its needed the most- dark nights are here!

CCTV with Large Storage

Record a minimum of 30 days worth of recorded footage before your CCTV system will automatically overwrite itself. This means in theory you have about a month to realise an event of interest has taken place before burning the evidence off onto a USB stick and handing this to the relevant authorities. You can choose to have a bigger Hard drive if you feel you are away for longer periods.

Contact now and be booked in before the weather causes your system to fail you when its needed the most!

External Cameras


External CCTV Installation is where you may require the CCTV on the outside of the property to look at your entrances, exits, garden or driveway. At night the cameras will have a black and white footage, as you can see below from actual customer cameras we only supply systems with a clear image. If you prefer coloured night vision then we can advise on the best cameras for this.

Internal Cameras


Some people have different needs and may require internal CCTV cameras for other purposes.

We can supply and fit internal cameras that are visible to watch over staff or cameras which are covert and disguised. Maybe just to watch over vulnerable family members. For commercial customers you may need cameras to watch outdoor storage areas, car parks or even just to keep an eye around your premises.

The CCTV cameras are weather proof and can work fine in minus temperatures.  They are housed in a protective casing usually made of a metal so that they cannot be easily broken off the mount.

Special Covert and Spy Cameras

Image result for covert cameras

We offer covert CCTV camera systems for customers who may want to know what’s going on in the home or their premises without anyone knowing.  You can listen and watch live footage through the internet. Its not nice when we are called to assist customers who need a spy service however its helped allot of customers from being constantly fleeced by employees or caught a cheating partners .(we do not take any responsibility in any lawful action that may be incurred as a result of spying, however this is at your discretion and our responsibility is to serve you the customer).

Installation is completed with discretion where able/ footage stays with the customer.

CCTV with a microphone for internal and External use

These types of CCTV cameras usually are covert with a microphone built in.  They are not waterproof and usually are placed in dry environments.  Contact us for more details of the cameras. Some customers had CCTV already installed however because of noisy or abusive neighbours they decided to get microphones put added.  The microphones are weatherproof and record 24/7 perfectly clear!  you can play back the CCTV footage and listen to the sound too!

Event CCTV

We have provided CCTV for special outdoor events where the bar areas had to be manned and CCTV was compulsory. If you have an upcoming event contact us to keep your event safe for all! With cameras overlooking the bar areas and entry and exit points.

CCTV services are required by most large events in order to maintain event security and ensure a safe and secure environment for all present. RAAJ CCTV have supplied and installed events with temporary CCTV. We offer a wide range of security systems and monitoring options depending on the size and operational requirements for the event.


CCTV for Music Festivals

CCTV for Christmas Markets

CCTV for Outdoor Events

CCTV for Unmanned Sites

CCTV for Public Safety

CCTV for Building Sites

This is quite popular for outdoor events & Building projects. What better way to monitor the safety and security of your building site or event. CCTV hire packages are available for periods from as little as a weekend or up to hire to 5 year hire contracts.

Contact us today to discuss your site or event. For more information on how we can provide CCTV Hire for your Event please contact us on 07472100501

CCTV and The Data Protection Act

Businesses that process and collect CCTV images on their premises are required to register and comply with the Data Protection Act and its Code of Practice. We do not store any footage the DVR and footage is solely with our customers.

We can help you comply with this legislation