Busy Bee lifestyles?

It wasn’t too long ago that keeping up with the Joneses was all about things — the big house, sports car, and designer clothing. I personally lived through extreme busyness and long work hours at my last job. While I tried to diagnose the reason behind the busyness in real-time, I don’t think I ever really found the root cause. Months after leaving that job, this curiosity led me down a deep path to better understand why we are so busy today.

An Introduction to Busyness

You may have heard of some of the following terms: time-starved, time-poor, time scarcity, time poverty, time famine, time pressure, leisure gap, cult of busyness, harried, overwork culture, and over scheduled.

We feel like we’re “pressed for time,” that there’s “not enough time in the day,” and that we are “running out of time.”

But, our amount of time hasn’t changed. We still get 24 hours each day. Many modern conveniences (e.g. washer/dryer, dishwasher, etc) have significantly shaved off hours of weekly household chores. And, as we’ll see later, the average amount of time we spend working each week hasn’t increased in decades (if you’re surprised, I was too).

I know what it’s like to be and feel busy. What I didn’t initially realize in the midst of my busy life was that there can be several factors at play to cause busyness. Based on my research, I’ve come up with seven hypotheses…

We need Technology that MUST work to assist our life’s and not hinder!

Hypotheses for Why we are So Busy Today

  • Busyness as a badge of honor and trendy status symbol — or the glorification of busy — to show our importance, value, or self-worth in our fast-paced society
  • Busyness as job security — an outward sign of productivity and company loyalty
  • Busyness as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) — spending is shifting from buying things (“have it all”) to experiences (“do it all”), packing our calendars (and social media feeds with the “highlight reel of life”)
  • Busyness as a byproduct of the digital age — our 24/7 connected culture is blurring the line between life and work; promoting multitasking and never turning “off”
  • Busyness as a time filler — in the age of abundance of choice, we have infinite ways to fill time (online and off) instead of leaving idle moments as restorative white space
  • Busyness as necessity — working multiple jobs to make ends meet while also caring for children at home
  • Busyness as escapism — from idleness and slowing down to face the tough questions in life (e.g. Maybe past emotional pain or deep questions like, “What is the meaning of life?” or “What is my purpose?”)



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Caught on CCTV!


CCTV not only secures and helps you watch over your property, it allows you to see what happens when others think they are not being watched!


You’ve probably seen most of the hilarious videos on YouTube that went crazy viral, from Charlie Bit my Finger to David after Dentist. The people are somewhat aware that they are being recorded. The funnier videos happen when people think no one is watching, or when it gets caught on a security camera. CCTV surveillance on YouTube. Here’s what we found: footage is not ours

This guy was just trying to enjoy his music in the parking garage, but it was just a bit too loud, the car couldn’t handle it anymore! And right when the guitar solo starts!

This is a compilation of clips caught on CCTV cameras. The first one is surveillance footage of an employee restocking shelves of wine bottles. I guess the shelves had too much weight on them and snapped. Poor guy, I would hate to have that happen on my shift.

The second video is of a guy with a helmet knocking out the woman. Haha he looked around to see if anyone saw that.

The video of the waitress is the worst. Not only did she break all the plates and cups on the tray, she also broke the window and probably hurt herself. I hope she’s ok!

Glass-bumping caught on surveillance is the best. You normally don’t see a lot of these on regular videos because it’s so seldom and unintended. The guy was going full speed at that door!

I’ve watched the fifth video over and over again, I still can’t figure out what happened! But that’s the spirit! The guy was having a jolly time even though he had just taken a fall.

This CCTV footage shows a woman oblivious to the fact that the cellar door is open. That was a nasty fall!

3. Man Waiting for Glass Door to open

This guy was caught on a surveillance camera waiting for someone to open the door for him. The translation of the caption: “Can someone open the door for me?” “I’ll keep myself busy, maybe someone will pass by.” When no one appeared, he says: “The solution!!” Which he figured to be running through the glass.

4. Man Falling Through Roof

LOL this guy did NOT learn his lesson, I think it’s pretty obvious that the roof is under construction, why go on it over and over again?

5. Coffee Guy

Oh, glass-bumping people are the funniest to watch! This guy apparently was on his way to catch a flight for his big presentation when he walks into a door and spills his coffee all over himself. It always happens when you’re in a hurry, doesn’t it? Well, I hope he had spare clothes in his office.

6. Robber Door Problems

This robber goes into a the building society to rob it. Not only does he fail miserably, he is also caught on a security camera trying to run away (from the same way he came in), but could not figure out how to open the door. I just don’t understand some people, lol. I mean why wouldn’t you try to pull the door if pushing is not working?! Maybe he had a feeling that they had locked the door on him.

7. Bad Driver

It seems like all the bad driver videos out there involve women. This is not an exception. She was turning very slowly into her driveway but turned too much and went on the wall and flipped the car! I didn’t even think that was even possible going that slow!

8. Drunk Santa

Someone had a little too much to drink! This Santa, caught on surveillance, is too drunk to even walk! He was swaying back and forth and he must have gotten a concussion from hitting that car, that looked like it hurt! He also had to take care of some business, too. Twice! The second time was near an elevator and that unfortunate couple had to witness it, I feel sorry for them! Luckily the guy pushed the drunkard immediately.

9. Stolen Pickup

This man parks his car and goes into the gas station. He comes out and assumes someone stole it. What he didn’t know was that it was caught on surveillance. The car immediately rolled off after he parked it. This is why people should clarify things before going around pointing fingers.  But I am a little doubtful, how was he so oblivious to the car moving? It started moving right after he got out of it!

10. Under the Sea

Have the sound on for this one… I could not help but laugh! I know, it’s really bad! The guy on the floor swaying back and forth seemed like he was having fun! On a more serious note, it looked painful when the woman that hit the beam!

Have you seen Anything not Normal??

For all your up to date rules and regulations regarding CCTV and footage visit http://www.ICO.org.uk

Where’s that Neighbourly Love Gone?


Unfortunately times have changed and people don’t seem as pleasant as they were when we were kids ………..there’s a lot of animosity out there now!

We keep hearing how neighbours were neighbours in the good old days, and how no one felt left out as everyone knew everyone

I feel isolated- People complain that there’s no community, no neighbourly love, no one cares.

Where are the good old days, friends and neighbours?

Why do people not care or help each other anymore?

I think people are busier and some are anti-social, have become hermits. Possibly it could be that work is so stressful that the last thing you want to do when you get home is deal with people again. I don’t really know my neighbours. I hardly ever see them. When I do seem them then we just pass by and say hello. There are a couple that I will stop to chat with but I know very little about them. I don’t know why it is that way other than we are all very busy and into our own lives. I miss that interaction. There was a time when I knew most of my neighbours and was keeping in touch with most of my family. Those days are long gone. My family is spread out all over the country just about. My friends are as well. My neighbour across the street is a mean woman. I prefer not to speak with her because you can’t trust her. She’s a nasty person. But some people like her and think she’s a good person. She can play the part but I saw a side of her that I suspected was there and boy did I see it. I only suspected it after how she treated my husband. I thought it wasn’t right.

I think the internet and other technology has separated people. Do you remember before cell phones that it wasn’t uncommon for strangers to engage in a conversation? I miss those days too.

I think people still care but are too preoccupied. We have let technology run our lives instead of the other way around. People are so impatient. So many things that could wait can’t because someone is impatient. You get in this vicious cycle of having to deal with the need for instant gratification.

We also live in a litigious society and some people are unstable. It seems better sometimes to stay uninvolved. It may not be worth the trouble or effort. I made the mistake of asking one neighbour if he and his friends could keep down the noise on the street after 10pm and that’s when the mean lady neighbour came over to me and started attacking me verbally. Most of what she was talking about had to do with one incident with my husband and her kids using our driveway to turn around. She wouldn’t listen to me. You just never know when you are going to get into this situation so it’s better to just keep to yourself.


Sometimes I feel life passes us by and we don’t all have that massive friend circle or lush family popping over for many reasons. It would be great if my neighbours I see daily to be part of my life. I am isolated and I have so much to give and on a hot sunny evening I would love to sit in the garden with my neighbours and have a big laugh!

Its the Weekend and all I want is to Stay at Home!

Gone are the days where the weekend comes and I am ready to PARTY!!


Nowadays its all about having a takeaway and some nice drinks and my box sets!

People are annoying anyways! I enjoy my ME time!

Reasons Staying In Will Always Be More Fun Than Going Out

The unfortunate reality of going out responsibly is that it’s really expensive. When you don’t care about pandering for free booze or driving drunk (both of which are very, very bad ideas), it doesn’t cost so much. But thinking in such a way has a shelf life, y’all. Think instead about the price of an Uber combined with a bar tab and maybe cover admission. Even if you’re ready to turn up, you can do so at home for much cheaper.


If we wanna get real serious on the cost of going out, we could factor in other baseline costs like sweat-proof make-up, fancy Band-Aids that allow semi-comfortable wear of ~swanky shoes~, pants. But at home, you only face the judgement of your cat and menagerie of succulents. You don’t have to wear constricting, stiff clothing. You don’t even have to wear pants. Or underwear. Toss on a bad ass robe (or don’t! I don’t know your life!) and feel complete.


Can’t Live Without Netflix?!

Is there a Psychological Reason behind this?

I wish I could honestly say there haven’t been days the responsibilities kept piling on with a terrifying amount of work to complete, but I ended up just watching Netflix until I fell asleep.

As time went on I realized more and more that I was turning to my favorite television shows and movies when things got rough. It never truly occurred to me that there was a psychological factor behind it

I find myself binge watching seasons of Breaking Bad or Power and then realised its 3am now and I have to be up for 7am! Time has just flown and I have fully enjoyed myself, I have cut myself off from the world and eaten trash but i feel boosted!!

Modern Escapism: Binge-Watching Netflix to Avoid Life

When trying to understand myself and after multiple google searches, I had found a research paper by Bernd Henning and Peter Vorderer, that stated “Kubey notes that the research literature “has made it clear that television is an activity likely to be chosen by people wishing to escape from negative feelings and from the demands of reality.””

Whether it be because of work, school, social activities, escaping seems to be becoming more of the norm. Despite it all, everyone needs to breaks from responsibilities and daily stress for the sake of their mental health. Don’t make the assumption that escapism is necessarily a bad habit.

What is your Escapism at the Moment?

Don’t make the assumption that escapism is necessarily a bad habit. Escapism does come in so many forms, such as sports. But, It also comes in forms such as overeating and drug addiction.

In conclusion, I feel as though what I learned needs to be common knowledge for our generation. When it becomes obsessive, constant, and just too often to be considered normal, it becomes time to take a look at yourself and really examine the situation you are putting yourself in.

What are you Watching on Netflix or Amazon?