Where’s that Neighbourly Love Gone?


Unfortunately times have changed and people don’t seem as pleasant as they were when we were kids ………..there’s a lot of animosity out there now!

We keep hearing how neighbours were neighbours in the good old days, and how no one felt left out as everyone knew everyone

I feel isolated- People complain that there’s no community, no neighbourly love, no one cares.

Where are the good old days, friends and neighbours?

Why do people not care or help each other anymore?

I think people are busier and some are anti-social, have become hermits. Possibly it could be that work is so stressful that the last thing you want to do when you get home is deal with people again. I don’t really know my neighbours. I hardly ever see them. When I do seem them then we just pass by and say hello. There are a couple that I will stop to chat with but I know very little about them. I don’t know why it is that way other than we are all very busy and into our own lives. I miss that interaction. There was a time when I knew most of my neighbours and was keeping in touch with most of my family. Those days are long gone. My family is spread out all over the country just about. My friends are as well. My neighbour across the street is a mean woman. I prefer not to speak with her because you can’t trust her. She’s a nasty person. But some people like her and think she’s a good person. She can play the part but I saw a side of her that I suspected was there and boy did I see it. I only suspected it after how she treated my husband. I thought it wasn’t right.

I think the internet and other technology has separated people. Do you remember before cell phones that it wasn’t uncommon for strangers to engage in a conversation? I miss those days too.

I think people still care but are too preoccupied. We have let technology run our lives instead of the other way around. People are so impatient. So many things that could wait can’t because someone is impatient. You get in this vicious cycle of having to deal with the need for instant gratification.

We also live in a litigious society and some people are unstable. It seems better sometimes to stay uninvolved. It may not be worth the trouble or effort. I made the mistake of asking one neighbour if he and his friends could keep down the noise on the street after 10pm and that’s when the mean lady neighbour came over to me and started attacking me verbally. Most of what she was talking about had to do with one incident with my husband and her kids using our driveway to turn around. She wouldn’t listen to me. You just never know when you are going to get into this situation so it’s better to just keep to yourself.


Sometimes I feel life passes us by and we don’t all have that massive friend circle or lush family popping over for many reasons. It would be great if my neighbours I see daily to be part of my life. I am isolated and I have so much to give and on a hot sunny evening I would love to sit in the garden with my neighbours and have a big laugh!

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