Can’t Live Without Netflix?!

Is there a Psychological Reason behind this?

I wish I could honestly say there haven’t been days the responsibilities kept piling on with a terrifying amount of work to complete, but I ended up just watching Netflix until I fell asleep.

As time went on I realized more and more that I was turning to my favorite television shows and movies when things got rough. It never truly occurred to me that there was a psychological factor behind it

I find myself binge watching seasons of Breaking Bad or Power and then realised its 3am now and I have to be up for 7am! Time has just flown and I have fully enjoyed myself, I have cut myself off from the world and eaten trash but i feel boosted!!

Modern Escapism: Binge-Watching Netflix to Avoid Life

When trying to understand myself and after multiple google searches, I had found a research paper by Bernd Henning and Peter Vorderer, that stated “Kubey notes that the research literature “has made it clear that television is an activity likely to be chosen by people wishing to escape from negative feelings and from the demands of reality.””

Whether it be because of work, school, social activities, escaping seems to be becoming more of the norm. Despite it all, everyone needs to breaks from responsibilities and daily stress for the sake of their mental health. Don’t make the assumption that escapism is necessarily a bad habit.

What is your Escapism at the Moment?

Don’t make the assumption that escapism is necessarily a bad habit. Escapism does come in so many forms, such as sports. But, It also comes in forms such as overeating and drug addiction.

In conclusion, I feel as though what I learned needs to be common knowledge for our generation. When it becomes obsessive, constant, and just too often to be considered normal, it becomes time to take a look at yourself and really examine the situation you are putting yourself in.

What are you Watching on Netflix or Amazon?

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