Wheelie Getting on My NERVES!!

Neighbours are using MY wheelie bin

Bin day tomorrow, and I just seen a neighbour (few doors down – don’t know them) putting his bag of rubbish into my bin. Not just putting it in…. he took mine out… to put back on top of his so I wouldn’t see it if I looked in. Almost shouted out the window, but this is causing me so much anxiety as my bin sometimes isn’t then emptied by the Council!

Neighbours leaving dirty smelly nappies in my recycling bin, they are doing it when i am not home as i work long shifts, then i am left with that putrid smell and Council refuse to take the bin!

We have installed CCTV for the above and they have trigger alarms where they leave their bins (near their garden) and are aware when it happens! Images have been used and passed onto the Council!

Disgraceful and uncivilsed behaviour needs to be dealt with!

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