We have been Burgled, What do We do Next?

Incredible emotional stress and distress is felt and knowing that someone has been in your home, leaves you feeling vulnerable and the knock on effect this has on your families is lasting.Being the victim of a burglary is something everyone fears.

SECURITY SYSTEM – Make sure your system is reputable and can deter even the most committed burglar!

Really important that nothing is touched until the Police are able to come to the crime scene, it will be very difficult to leave things all over, but it must be left as it is.

Once the Police have been informed you will receive a crime reference number which will help you with your insurance company for any claims.

Credit cards – make sure you cancel them as soon as possible and mobile phones will need cancelling before they are used and you receive a hefty bill! If your keys are taken – then replace all the locks!

Log everything you can that has been taken or damaged and try and find those receipts and any photographs of the items would be great too. This will help you with your insurance company and the Police.

Stand back and breathe – you have been through a lot and its traumatic!!

You are not Alone!


Support is available and if you feel you are struggling then reach out and make contact!

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