Keeping your Valuables Safe While Traveling!

Looking forward to going on holiday and counting down the days is the best feeling EVER! However we need to remember that others may take advantage of your situation.

At a time when more of us are traveling, and flying has become almost second nature, it’s easy to overlook the value of the possessions we carry with us. From clothing and straighteners to iPad’s, passports, jewellery and travel money, modern travel often means traveling with a suitcase full of expensive items.

Here are a few ideas on how to keep safe, you can add more via your comments!

Try not to stand out try and blend in especially if you are going off the beaten track. Keep valuables close and try to conceal money in hidden compartments and in a waterproof bag if able. Travel light especially if heading away from your hotel take some cash in case you need to buy coffees and drinks or catch the bus! Leave all your jewellery like watches safely in the hotel.

Make sure you will be okay if something does go wrong! Take money and a credit card just in case your cash is taken. Photocopies of boarding passes and transfers and of your passports in case once again they are taken or misplaced.

If you need further support for your valuables that you leave behind when on your holidays then make contact and we will sort this out with Mobile CCTV and Smart Alarms that all trigger letting you know whats going on! Contact us on 07472100501

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