Are we Seeing a Rise in Cruelty to Animals?

Waking up and reading so many VERY disturbing posts on Facebook and on the news regarding acts of cruelty on defenseless animals and pets. From poor hedgehogs being kicked and water poured over them and having to be put down – to swan eggs being stamped on in their nest!

Pointless acts of cruelty

Cats being dumped and kittens being drowned, the list is endless and personally anyone who can hurt a soul that only looks at you for affection, is totally soulless!! Why would anyone do this and what would you do if you saw them in the act? Totally would make our blood boil!

Taking of other peoples fur babies, who gives anyone the right to do this?? So many posts asking for their pets to be found and offering rewards fore their safe return is significantly increasing!

Contact us regarding what we can do to help keep your pets safe whilst in your home, we have Mobile CCTV with trigger lines that if anyone comes in a certain area you will be alerted!

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