Nosey Neighbours?

Curtain Twitchers

I have noisy neighbours, but its just a quick hello if were out on the front,
When we moved into the house our garden is higher at the back meaning you can see over the fence but outside the patio is dropped so they’re lower, the way the wall and fence was we had a gap at our level and their head level, so they’d always be poking through watching us, thinking we couldn’t see? But it was very obvious, my oh put some wood across to block it off and we’ve since bought bamboo sheets to higher the fences so we now have complete privacy!

Least you know when you are out there is someone acting like YOUR CCTV!

With all the burglaries and car thefts going on, and feeling quite on edge with every noise outside. Do you wish you had more nosy neighbours that curtain twitch all the time and know whats going on?

Bring back the Good Old Days

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